My keyboard snaps together weird sometimes?

Be sure you’re keeping both modules parallel to the ground.


After adding more keys my keyboard won’t respond?

When adding 12 or 13 keys; turn off bluetooth and quit the app, restart your keyboard, then power it up again.


My keyboard won’t connect to my iphone or android?

Please confirm your IOS is 8.0 or higher. Android system is 6.0 or higher. Please also download “LightBlue” on Apple store or “BLE Explorer” on Android market store to connect Bluetooth.


My keyboard won’t connect to my mac or PC?

Please confirm your PC system. Windows requires: Windows XP/Vista/ or higher. Mac OS requires: Yosemite 10.10 or higher.


What apps can I use for recording?

Please make sure any music app is complied with CORE MIDI protocol (such as garage band, 50 in one etc..)


Can I buy a just 12 keys?

Currently, Kombos Keyboard does not sell single modular keys.