What is the KOMBOS?

Kombos is a portable, wireless, modular MIDI keyboard.

It features full-size high quality keypads so you can enjoy exactly the same quality while performing at home or on the go.

Ironically my previous boss was the owner of a cable factory. However, he grew frustrated with the hassle of cables. He likes our wireless Bluetooth Kombos keyboard because he can bypass the need for cumbersome cables.

Our keyboard is extremely user friendly. It's as simple as assembling your preferred modularized keyboard sections and turning on the power. After automatically connecting to your Iphone or Ipad via Bluetooth, the keyboard will hook into your preferred recording app.

We showed the prototype to several professional musicians for trials. They loved it. One musician used the keyboard in two cities for 10 hours without charging. He was amazed by the battery life.

We're aiming to simplify the manufacturing cost while maintainining quality affordability for professionals and new musicians. Our suppliers are working very hard with us to ensure we can make this happen.

We're extremely excited about the future of the Kombos keyboard and the opportunities it brings to the keyboard market, we hope you are too.


The original idea evolved from dissatisfaction with current keyboard products.

A personal friend of mine, Kevin, is a keyboard player that helped develop the original idea. Kevin is a technology enthusiast and loves new things, he always pursues a high quality playing experience. However, most new traditional high quality MIDI keyboards are extremely expensive, making it a tough hobby to pursue. Moreover, as a skilled MIDI keyboard player, he was very particular about that “keypad touch” when playing.

In order to make a MIDI keyboard portable, many manufacturers shrink the keypad size of the instrument. This process really takes away from the experience since it makes the keyboard feel like a children's toy. Not to mention the hassle of tangled cables.

Kevin thought about developing a keyboard which could take full advantage of various apps, get rid of coords, and be portable enough for travel, all without sacrificing the traditional keyboard experience.

He found us as his development partners and we were very excited about his idea, we have designed and implemented the product together, looking for suitable chains of suppliers.

After one year of extremely hard work and continuous modifications, we are very proud to present our final product to the world! We were able to successfully develop a portable, bluetooth keyboard while maintaining the high quality demanded by professional keyboardists, like Kevin. It’s a Combo!

The final product has expandable combinations from 25 to 61 keys, anyone can organize their own sizes with our modular system. Enabling you to make your own music wherever you are.